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Sunrise Software is pleased to announce that Concorde Technology Group is rolling out Sunrise ITSM Service Management Software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Concorde, a technology solutions and services provider, has integrated the first stage of Sunrise’s latest platform release, which is designed to help the enterprise drive growth, strengthen company continuity strategies and enhance employee productivity.

As organisations continue to be challenged to remain agile and resilient during economic flux, the Sunrise platform will support all three of Concorde Technology Group’s service desk functions to operate efficiently – but still, utilise the same common service data model with improved back-end workflows – and provide a more tailored customer experience. Sunrise ITSM for MSPs has been rolled out onto Mobile Tablet devices to Concorde’s field-based teams to provide real-time service management and better real-time information sharing with its customers.

Neil Roberts, Chief Operating Officer for the Concorde group said: “We love technology and making things better, the roll out of Sunrise is a major upgrade in how we service and support and deliver services to our Customers. There are some huge benefits to the new software that will allow us to service more customers faster and better, the biggest advantage will be the customer service experience it gives our customers, it’s very exciting.”

Sunrise has helped to strategically roll-out the software platform at Concorde – its enterprise services platform further supporting Concorde Technology Group’s Cloud, Cyber and Managed Services Companies, giving the customer a single pane of glass view across all of its services and assets supported and managed by the Concorde teams.

Geoff Rees, Director of Operations and Sales at Sunrise said, “Managed Service Providers have faced new challenges in striving to delivering excellent customer service during the Covid pandemic and we’re delighted to help Concorde on their continued journey to service excellence. Sunrise for MSPs is adaptable to a variety of service desk functions and Concorde will benefit from the single platform across its enterprise.”

Find out more about the how MSP software helps the service provider organisation and its customers here.

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