Sunrise Enhances SDI Compliant Performance Results Reports

Sunrise Software enhances Service Desk Institute compliant Performance Results Reports to support proactive monitoring of KPIs

Supporting the SDI in driving service desk performance standards and improving customer service

Chessington, Surrey, 14th July 2016 – Sunrise Software, a leading supplier of service management solutions, has today announced that it is launching new and updated versions of the Service Desk Institute (SDI) accredited Performance Reports, enabling organisations to take a more active and informed role in the monitoring of the service desk performance over a rolling 12-month period.

Sunrise Software, who attained the SDI Standard for Performance Results Reporting in 2013, has developed the new suite of reports, which is built-in to its service management platform, to aid organisations in the collation of actionable data required to achieve SDI accreditation for their own service desk operations. The new reports, which have been audited by the SDI, form part of the evidence pack required to demonstrate best practice and the meeting of the SDI measurements, whilst simultaneously providing service desks with additional value-added information to enable the organisation to make better business decisions.

There is now greater control afforded to the service desk as they can set multiple targets per category depending on call source, for example email, telephone, self-service, or priority. As a result, organisations will be able to tangibly measure a numerous call sources, as well as change the targets each month if they have an objective to increase uptake of a particular source over a set period of time.

Nigel Moat, Solutions Manager at Sunrise Software, said: “The enhanced reporting capability has been specifically designed to improve the metrics available and enable organisations to gain greater value from the data that they hold within the business and service desk. By including the capability to alter targets and set specific KPIs in relation to call sources or priority, it will provide meaningful context to the work that is being undertaken. By measuring the results and being accountable to the SDI approved measurements, organisations will reap the benefits of these valuable metrics as the performance of the service desk increases in-line with improved customer satisfaction levels.”

Additional enhancements include improved readability of the reports, so the organisation can easily see and appreciate the value that the service desk is providing to the business as a whole without the need for additional context or lengthy explanations. Consequently, the service desk will have greater visibility on issues affecting its operations and will be able to make the right decisions and take the right actions based on real-time data, not supposition, so that concerns can be mitigated before they start to affect the customers.

Nigel adds: “For any organisation that is looking to improve service levels and gain accreditation for its own service desk from the SDI, the set of reports that we have developed has removed all the hard work for them. These accredited reports form a part of the evidence pack required by the SDI so that you have documented proof at your fingertips to show you are meeting best practice and adapting your processes to guarantee a higher quality of service.

“All too often the service desk is viewed as a cost to the organisation and offering very little value. Alongside the SDI, we are working to prove this isn’t the case and to help service desks demonstrate the real value that they add to the organisation by driving up the standards to benefit everyone. It can be all too easy to meet accreditation initially and then fall back into bad habits, but by ensuring you have a mechanism in place to constantly measure KPIs, it ensures the service desk can take corrective action immediately and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.”


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