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Video: In The Cloud with IBM

Video: In The Cloud with IBM

Sunrise’s service management solutions are available as both on-premise or SaaS, with our cloud partner IBM.  This short video provides a brief introduction to the Sunrise and IBM partnership.

Sunrise offers solutions that manage service, whenever it occurs across the organisation – this could be departmental, work tasks and processes, it could be workgroups or departments that run across the whole organisation. Software as a Service is increasingly important to Sunrise because as of this year probably 40% of our recurring revenue will come from SaaS and 40% of new clients have chosen that platform.

The challenges we face a very similar to a lot of our customers out there, we’ve got ever-changing needs for cusomters, their expectations will obviously change as the SaaS and cloud services mature and grow and what they expect becomes greater. From a SaaS partner, we needed someone that was out of the box attentive to our needs, happy to understand what we were trying to do and drivers were things like a very attentive support team, ones that would allow us to work at the speed we needed to for customer deployment.

Our clients are increasingly concerned about security compromises, trusting a third party with their data, and then being reassured that the organisation has the processes, the quality and the compliance procedures in place to meet their needs. IBM through their Cloud (Bluemix) offering have a comprehensive range of security and compliance policies that will be beyond what any individual corporate will be able to choose itself – a very powerful offering. Customers are increasingly moving applications to the cloud, but they can’t do that at the expense of risk, so Sunrise’s proposition with IBM gives them the opportunity to move ITSM applications into the cloud, while enjoying high levels of security and performance. Bluemix offers Sunrise a choice of their services as Infrastructure as a Service, or Platform as a Service. Initially we’ll be using the Infrastructure as a Service offering, but in time Platform as a Service is interesting for us.

We chose Bluemix because they met all of our criteria – they absolutely met and exceeded what we were looking for in a SaaS partner, they took an interest in what we were trying to do, they took an interest in our business, and what we were trying to achieve for our customers. As well as that, they’ve got great UK-based support which is absolutely essential for us, being a UK-based ITSM company, it already has allowed us to improve our Disaster Recovery offerings to our customer base. There are more options there too regarding how quickly they come back online should there be a major failure. Certainly, the ability to have total control over our SLAs was definitely a factor and IBM Cloud was one of the few companies that would actually give us responsive support and examples of support timings.

We would recommend it, absolutely, because the difference between IBM and other organisations we considered partnering with is that IBM Cloud has turned it into a reality; it hasn’t just been ‘talk’, we’ve met real people who’ve backed us and collaborated with us in a meaningful sense. Other organisations have approached us at a headline level but not really backed it up.

For more information on Sunrise’s SaaS service management solutions please get in touch with a member of the team.

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