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Knowledge is power – have the data you need, when you need it

The power of good reporting…. 

Having access to the right information at exactly the right time you need it is vital in today’s statistic driven world.  We have all been in the position where a sudden demand for some essential piece of data has been thrust upon us, 5 minutes before that data is needed.  So what do you do?  Often it is just a quick grab what you can and hope that will be sufficient.

Then there is the situation where you don’t know exactly what you need to report on, so you report on everything, and then no one then reads it because the important information is clouded by irrelevant and useless data.

At Sunrise we don’t believe in reporting for reporting’s sake, but we do believe in having options.  Sunrise IT Service Management includes a range of different reporting options which enable users to report on the statistics that really matter.  Create reports on historical data, real-time statistics and tailor these so that only those who need to see it, do.
Sunrise is also audited and approved to support SDI Certification Standards, ensuring that your SDI audit reports are thorough and easily available.

There is so much power to be had from good reporting, and with Sunrise IT Service Management the power is yours.

What have our customers done?

Many of our customers have been able to take advantage of the reporting options through Sunrise ITSM, here are just a couple of examples of what the reporting options have been used for.

The Service Desk Institutes accreditation reports helped support Informatics Merseyside become the first NHS IT Service Desk to achieve 3-star certification.

Press Release

Callstream Case Study

Introduced reporting to track Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and to keep customers happy. They have now extended this to also report on pipeline for new business

Case Study

What is included?

Within Sunrise ITSM, the following reporting services are available:

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Sunrise’s reporting capabilities are second to none. The solution is clever enough to spot trends and enables us to prioritise and tackle any areas of weakness immediately. It’s also an excellent strategic tool giving us the hard evidence we need to drive forward business change and support industry compliance.

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