Benefits of SaaS Solutions | Sunrise Software

…The 12 year old ‘ticketing system’ serves the purpose, just fine?

Think again, your business will thank you for it. Efficiency comes in many forms and not only can the right solution cut departments’ costs, but it can also be a revenue generator and a powerful management tool. To extend the benefit further, you could introduce the concepts and benefits of service management to other – even non-technical – departments.

There are a number of new opportunities to consider:

1. You really could move to an ITSM SaaS solution. No more headaches from hardware & upgrades, late nights or weekends forsaken – you’re always on the latest version. Cloud technologies are maturing and security and service levels shouldn’t be an issue if your supplier knows their business. Predictable pricing over time is a bonus too.

2. The latest service desk functionality goes way beyond what older systems can offer. View online ITSM demo videos or ask for a demo and you might be surprised.

3. Interfaces have moved with the times too. It should be easy to use, after all it’s the day to day backbone for your service desk team. The latest service desk software should be easier than you envisaged to set up your favourite dashboard, adjust the software to your specific requirements, or set up and train new users.

4. Team management is better than ever; service desk resources, skills  and capacity can be understood, allocated and scheduled. Reporting can highlight areas of exposure for the organisation to managers across departments.

5. New generations coming into employment expect the latest technology – not legacy applications that look like Windows 95. Consumerisation of the ‘Amazon-style’ service catalogue and self-service portals providing help and easily searched knowledge on the move, can take pressure off the service desk and sate the appetite of the millennial for a quick answer. Likewise your service & support team may be on the move – do they need information at hand, on mobiles and tablets perhaps?

6. Enterprise adaptability is now for real. Vendor hype of enterprise service management platforms has met reality as more mature and imaginative service managers have looked at the technology provided and seen parallels in resolving issues for other departments. Wider IT, operations & facilities can all benefit- but a truly flexible service platform can take the advantage even further –  to HR, Legal and other ‘service’ departments.

The benefits really do add up – and you don’t need to go the biggest, most expensive technology vendors to take advantage of them – get 90% of what you need for 50% of the cost instead. Isn’t it time you questioned the status quo?