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Welcome to the World of Sunrise!

Welcome to the World of Sunrise!

My name is Simon SOS and this is my friend, Socorro. Together we are here to help. We live in the World of Sunrise and we know all there is to know about Service Desk software, so we’ll be here to share that knowledge with you, plus you can discover a lot more about... Read More

Prince 2

There’s a lot of coverage in the press at the moment about the end of ITIL. To be honest, I’m not convinced this is the case; ITIL has embedded itself in the way we work, the language we use, and the software tools that run our support service. It’s not ITIL that I... Read More

What is quality?

When I was working as a developer, years ago, the IT Director decided that he wanted to improve the performance of the team by focussing on quality. As a result, we were all asked to go away into our teams and figure out what is quality, and how we could improve it.... Read More

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