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What is quality?

When I was working as a developer, years ago, the IT Director decided that he wanted to improve the performance of the team by focussing on quality. As a result, we were all asked to go away into our teams and figure out what is quality, and how we could improve it.... Read More

The art of communication

I haven’t got any empirical proof, but after working in IT for over 20 years my suspicion is that the majority of IT staff are introverts, so it’s time to introduce the art of communication. IT workers tend to be quiet, reflective people, who like to think this over,... Read More

The importance of Teamwork

I mentioned last week that one of the important factors when going through a major change is need to ensure that everyone works together, i.e. the importance of teamwork I know this can be challenging; some people respond badly to change and lose their motivation, and... Read More

Another job, another restructure

I started a new role this week, and the first thing that I’ve been asked to do is implement a restructure and set up a shared service. This is my third consecutive role where I’ve been involved in restructuring, and all of these projects have one particular thing in... Read More
Culture as a person

Culture as a person

I’d like to start off this week’s blog with a question; how does organisational culture affect IT Teams? All organisations have their own specific culture, but it is something that can be difficult to define. The way that I sometimes think of it is that if the company... Read More
No Room for Passengers

No Room for Passengers

When I apply for a job, I always ask the same question; is there a good IT Team in place? The response I get is invariably the same. A few exchanged glances across the interview panel, a pause, and then a measured reply along the lines of; “On the whole, yes, but... Read More

Developing a Team Charter

We’re undergoing a lot of change at the moment, and one of the ways that we are addressing this is by holding sessions to develop what we call a “Team Charter”. Essentially, the charter is a description of; What is the purpose of the team How the team contributes to... Read More

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