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How to Future-Proof your Service Desk – tips from a SDI workshop

The SDI ran a one day workshop recently on the topic of ‘future-proofing’ the service desk. It’s a wide-ranging subject but an important one...

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SDI Reports & ITSM

SDI View from the Frontline report – ITSM vendor view

Once again, the SDI survey on ITSM software tools has been returned and once again there’s both a pa...

Choosing ITIL blog

8 Things When Considering ITIL Aligned Service Desk Software

Choosing ITIL service desk software can be a real headache. Just take a look through a few vendor we...

ITSM for Housing associations

What makes Housing Associations good at IT Service Management?

Housing Associations exist in one of those hybrid worlds, working within the challenging budgets of ...

ITSM vs ITIL blog

What’s the Difference Between ITIL and ITSM?

Let’s be honest, the IT world is never short of acronyms. And unfortunately, while they can be usefu...

Flexibility ITSM blog

The Importance of Flexibility in IT Service Management

Business technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, IT infrastructure has beco...

SaaS and Robots blog

Sunrise 2018 round-up

Another year – and what’s changed in the ITSM world? My 2017 round up centred on SaaS – how organisa...

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