Friday Introducing - Charlie Pusey

Friday Introducing – Charlie …

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Charlie Pusey, Technical Operations Manager at Sunrise. Charlie has been with Sunrise for 10 years and in that time has worked his way up through 4 positions. Charlie started his days at Sunrise working on the Customer Service Desk as a Service Desk Analyst, his next role was to become Service Desk Team Leader, and then he became Service Desk Manager. In his current role as Technical Operations Manager, Charlie oversees the Customer Service Desk, IT and the Sunrise ‘Software as a Service’ ‘Cloud’ environment. Charlie said that the experience he learnt in his previous roles stood him in good stead for the challenges of his current role, which has a much broader scope and impacts more areas of the company.

There is no typical day for Charlie, however, his activities in IT include forward planning, capacity management and budgeting. Charlie also looks at high level planning for new directions for the Customer Service Desk and improving Customer Satisfaction levels. Not forgetting that Charlie also looks at forward planning for the Sunrise SaaS offering, including reviewing current and future infrastructure requirements.

Charlie’s favourite part of his role is that he is now in a position to impact and input into multiple areas of the Sunrise business to help drive it forward. When asked why Charlie has stayed at Sunrise for 10 years, he said that he likes Sunrise as they value their employees and allow you to grow with the company.

Charlie quit his aspirations for world rock stardom 6 years ago and now channels that energy into Triathlons and Marathons. 2014 saw Charlie complete the Brighton Marathon and Hever Castle Triathlon. This year he is set to complete the London Marathon and for 2016 Charlie is signed up to do the half UK Iron Man competition. Charlie has a lovely family who takes up the rest of his time and wouldn’t change this for the world.