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ITSM trends 2022

ITSM Trends for 2022

What better way is there to predict ITSM trends than to ask the audience? Clear trends in ITSM for 2022 were indicated in recent research fr...

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COBIT vs ITIL: Understanding the Different Frameworks

When it comes to ITSM frameworks, most people think immediately of ITIL. However, ITIL isn’t the onl...

Sunrise 2021 Christmas

A cracking end to 2021

December brings to a close another busy year for Sunrise. In continuing uncertain times, affecting o...

analysis in ITSM for service providers

Reporting and Analysis – value for Service Providers

Probably since the Ancient Greeks, “can I get a report on this?” has been a commonly heard request f...

Integration and Automations value-add for Service Providers

Integration and Automation – value for Service Providers

For a Service Provider, managing potentially thousands of customers, each with possibly several cont...

Support and Contract management

Customer support & contract management – value for Service Providers

For an IT Service Provider, as if winning a customer in the first place isn’t hard enough in what is...

Integration & Automation: ITSM for Service Providers

Integration & Automation: ITSM for Service Providers

Spotlight on ITSM for IT Service Providers; how integration and automation assist customer engagemen...

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